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I am a DBSJM writer (DBSK+SJ+SJM), with the majority of my fics being KyuMin-centric, with other K-pop artistes ninjaed in when necessary.

Many of my fanfictions are also found on Super Legacy. If any of my fics are found anywhere else, they have been plagarised and I have not been notified. I do not allow my fics to be translated, so don't bother asking. If my fics are found anywhere in any other language, I have not given my permission. DO NOT TAKE OUT OR REPOST MY WORKS. NO exceptions.

I am not unapproachable, as most people who talk to me will know. However, I have a severe allergy to morons, and will not hesitate to punt them into oblivion. Also, I'm quite accommodating, but if I say I won't write a sequel, or a pairing, or a certain theme, I mean it. Don't test me.

Things I will not write (so don’t come looking for them):-
1) Het!fics (and that includes genderswitch)
2) Romance fics with couples QMi, KangMin, or JaeChun
3) Random smut fics with no reason or plot
If there are any mentions of these, especially the couples, on my LJ, I reserve the right to verbally slam you so hard you'll wish you'd never been born. And believe me, I can. I have done it before.

My Twitter: mysapphiresky
My Tumblr: mysapphiresky

Note: DON'T call me unnie unless you want the full force of my wrath upon you.

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Why Everyone Bashing Lee Sungmin Hasn't Thought This Through

Before I start, let me make a few things clear:
a) I support Lee Sungmin.
b) I love Lee Sungmin.
If you do too, then
c) Why are you bashing?

Okay, so some of you are going to start giving me all that bullshit about Sungmin being selfish, about putting his girlfriend before the members and ELF, yadda yadda. But you know what?

He didn't.

Before you open your mouths, think about this: Sungmin wasn't the one who started the fire. All this crap began because external sources (interpret this how you will) started spreading rumours about Sungmin dating, Sungmin getting married, Sungmin this, Sungmin that. Sungmin never started it. In fact, Sungmin should be respected for coming clean with all of us with his own personally written letter to ELF. (If you haven't read that, where have you been??)

Which brings us onto the next point. "Sungmin was selfish for choosing this time!" "Sungmin disregarded SJ in favour of his own wishes." "Sungmin should be out of SJ!"

Now, now, did we all forget what ELF stands for? I don't think I need to remind you.

Also, as I said up there, Sungmin didn't choose this time. He said it himself that he was thinking hard and long about the best time to announce the news. He wouldn't have told us now if it wasn't for external sources releasing rumours left and right first. They forced his hand. And if you're saying Sungmin's selfish for telling us himself, in his own letter, instead of through an SM rep or leaving us to stew and spread rumours, here are more points to consider.
1) If he didn't tell us now himself, then when?
1a) If he'd told us earlier, it would have affected SS6.
1b) If he'd told us later... HE WOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN MARRIED.
2) He cared enough to write an open letter to us instead of an SM rep announcing the wedding. SM could have easily released a statement saying he was getting married, but instead, Sungmin told us himself.
3) If he had chosen to deny that he was getting married, the truth would have come out sooner or later. I'd rather know now than be cheated and told the truth later.
4) Sure, he could have cancelled the wedding altogether. But that would hurt him. And I refuse to allow that to happen, because [see point b].

Now, have you ever considered the fact that maybe Sungmin wanted to get married before officially hitting 30, but held off as long as he could because he didn't want ELF to be sad? Have you ever considered the fact that Sungmin has always sacrificed everything for SJ and ELF? If he wants to be "selfish" for once, would you begrudge him even that? Would you rather we end up with another split, or another lawsuit? HASN'T THERE BEEN ENOUGH BULLSHIT THIS YEAR?

Sungmin is the least selfish member I know. For years, he has sacrificed for his members and put them before himself. Just from memory, I can tell you that:-
1) He welcomed Kyuhyun with open arms when Kyuhyun's entrance pushed him down from Lead Singer. (Hey, it would have been RYS if Kyuhyun hadn't come along.)
2) He stayed awake all night in a hotel room with Heechul because Heechul jokingly complained that his snoring kept him up.
3) He refused to cry at music shows, but instead hugged and supported his members because "I have 6 hyungs and 6 dongsaengs. I have to be strong for them, so I cannot cry." For a person as sensitive as Sungmin, do you know how hard that is?! And yet he's done it, all for his members.
4) He defended a complete stranger from bullies. It was a hidden camera, so you can't tell me he only did it because he was on film.
5) He sacrificed a sports race because he helped a member of a rival team when they fell.
6) He's been volunteering at charities for many many years.
7) Even if the camera isn't on him or he doesn't have the solo line, he makes sure to give his best during performances. This takes an incredible amount of concentration and effort.
If all this doesn't mean sacrifice, then please explain to me what your definition is, because I think we use different dictionaries- or you expect Sungmin to kill a bull and offer it up to the spirits. (And to be honest, if a member requested it, do you think he wouldn't?!?)

This person; this shy, quiet, calm member who's willing to stay in the background so that others can shine even though he's so talented he could run the show, is the person that I spent 5 years of my life loving. And a person cannot change overnight, so the Lee Sungmin now is the same Lee Sungmin I spent those 5 years of my life loving. How can I stop loving someone just because he made a decision that may have hurt me? I don't own him. He doesn't owe me a living. If anything I owe him my happiness, because Lord knows he's put a smile on my face where tears might have been running down my cheeks.

All of you who have started to hate him because of all this, how dare you call yourself an ELF? You were only a fan because you liked the idea of Lee Sungmin that he projected. As long as he did what you wanted, you supported him. Now that he's doing what any normal (straight) man would do and getting married, you turn away and shun him. That doesn't say anything about what sort of person Sungmin is; it just speaks volumes about you.

I love Lee Sungmin, and that means I want him to be happy. I love Lee Sungmin, and that means I will stand with him. Are you with me?
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I'm just going to cut to the chase here- what the hell is there to hate on about Henry or Zhoumi? People who claim they are true, loyal, faithful ELF and hating on one or both of these guys, and I just don't get it. Mind you I'm not too fond of the idea of them joining the main group, but that's another story, and I love and support them as integral parts of SJM and the SJ family.

But I mean seriously. So far I've seen explanations (tsh, excuses more like) of, "oh they're not part of SJ and they should never be," "SJ was meant to be 13, so it should stay 13," "Henry and Zhoumi weren't meant to be part of the group, and since I'm ELF I only support SJ," and other such rot. Uh, excuse me, which hole did you emerge from, because the rest of us really need to prevent any more stupid from rising from it.

Yeah sure, they're technically and officially not part of the main Super Junior group, but has it ever occurred to you that SJM is a subgroup of SJ? If you don't support them just because they're not in the 'main' group, that's like saying you're not supporting SJM because they're part of it. You don't see my logic? Yeah, now you're getting it, cos we're not seeing yours either.

Oh, and you guys support Kyuhyun, don't you?

Last I recall he was never meant to be in the 'main' group either.

So why are you guys supporting a new addition to SJ05, turning it into SJ with the addition of a new member, but not supporting Henry and Zhoumi, who weren't even added into the main group?

Also, so since you're ELF you only support SJ, huh? So you support them by going against the members' wishes and hating on two of their closest friends, just because you don't approve of them joining a subgroup? They're not even in the main group, for freak's sake. But apparently, two Chinese members joining a Chinese subgroup gets people so pissed that they blatantly ignore all pleas and requests from your precious Super Junior oppars in order to actively hate on them? Yeah sure, best form of logic right there. I'm sure the members of the main group totally approve and are totally pleased with that decision.

"But Henry and Zhoumi don't belong with SJ!" I hear some of you cry. Very well then, let me translate this situation into an analogy that might possibly get through into your pitiful little minds.

Let's say you have a cousin, that you don't see very often but you love very much and cherish every moment you get to spend with them. But all your friends are saying your cousin shouldn't get invited to Christmas, or your birthday party, because they don't share your parents' blood! Makes sense, doesn't it? Because hey, they're only your cousin; not like they're family or anything. They're only a guest at your house; they don't deserve to stay in it!

Now let's add some names. Yours is Super Junior, and your cousins' names are Henry and Zhoumi.

Get it now?
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Insulting Idols

Okay, so I'm seeing people insulting Super Junior and every other idol out there almost all the time. It's everywhere- "his fat thighs", "huge butt" etc etc. It's everywhere, and if anyone hasn't come across someone saying something like that, or even said it themselves, then clearly they're living under some really huge rock.

The worst thing is, these people are fans. Not haters, not people who dislike the idols and hence insult them, but fans. People who pledged to support them no matter what. They're the people who buy tons of albums, vote daily for award ceremonies, defend their idols against haters... and yet they're insulting their own idols.

At this point, I'm hearing a chorus of voices going, "we're doing it in fun! It's terms of endearment and affection!" Yes, I know that, but do your idols know that? How are they supposed to tell the difference between a hater and a fan calling them names and insulting them? It's not like there's a filter on their search engines blinking red when it's a hater, and green everywhere else. All they see is people calling them out on minor faults that, half the time, they don't really have.

Take Sungmin for example. He said on Sukira on the 24th of February that he would have to manage his weight, because people had apparently felt uncomfortable while watching Sukira. He apologised that people called him fat. And who are those who call Sungmin a chubby baby with a fat ass and fat thighs?

Why, his fans.

Hence why I think anyone who insults their idols, especially their biases, are some of the stupidest people on earth. To you, it's a fond name of endearment. To the idols, it's one more person who doesn't like some part of them and hence they make themselves change, just because of foolish people who don't know any wiser.

Edit: Apparently there are people claiming it's okay for them to 'tease' and 'joke around' about these things because they're just doing it in a 'friends way'. The last time I checked, the term 'friends' implied a mutual relationship. Does your oppa know you're friends? Yeah, I thought not. They don't know who's a fan and who's a hater, because honestly, sometimes fans make it hard to tell the difference. Does this mean I can insult your friend whom I know but doesn't know me, just because I claim it's in a 'friends way'? Wouldn't you want to punch me in the face for being mean to your friend? Yeah, my point exactly.
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Twitter Trending 101

Okay, first up, what's with all the people who like to invent the most intricate twitter trends up to a week before the actual day?!? I don't know about you, but I have better things to do. It's not rocket science, unless you need to save up brain cells just to invent a simple hashtag.

Second, and this is one of my pet peeves, LEARN HOW THE TRENDS WORK, PEOPLE. Twitter trends record a major boost in a particular phrase or hashtag within a short period of time. Two days is not short. Ever wondered why 90% of the time, spontaneous phrases trend before planned hashtags? Let me spell it out for you. S-P-O-N-T-A-N-E-O-U-S. Can't read? I'm sorry.

For those who are still living under a rock and refuse to move, you can't plan a trend so long in advance and expect it to trend efficiently. The more you try to promote a trend and tell people, "oh, trend *hashtag* on *date*!" the more it's unlikely to trend. If you really cared about it trending, you'd be smart enough to not release the trend until at most a few hours before.

And if you like your hashtag so much and really want it to trend, how about sending private messages to twitter fanbases telling us what you want? Many of us would be happy to trend it along with you, as well as inform our followers that we have a trend planned so there's no need to worry about it. But no, not happening. I'm sorry, but you're asking for it.

All in all, I hope your trend fails miserably. Actually no, seeing as you shared it two days in advance, your trend will probably fail miserably even if I don't hope for it.